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What Does a Professional Property Manager Do? Charlotte Property Management Education

A property manager in Charlotte takes care of several things for rental property owners, and all those responsibilities can really fall into two categories: tenant procurement and property management. Today, we’re explaining what exactly a Charlotte property manager does for you.

Tenant Procurement

Tenant procurement includes finding a tenant for the property. A property manager will do that by multi-channel marketing. You’ll have your listing on the MLS, there will be signs, and advertisements on websites. Your property manager will handle all inquiries and showings, and will take and review applications. Once we have an application, we will thoroughly screen tenants to make sure they’re a good fit and likely to pay rent on time and take care of your home. A good property manager is going to put together all the contracts and execute the lease on the property so you are legally compliant.

Ongoing Property Management

Property management is an ongoing service that includes taking care of your Charlotte rental property. Good property management includes collecting rent from the tenants on time every month, paying bills on the property such as the mortgage, HOA dues, taxes, and insurance, and handling any calls from the tenant. Tenants will call all day and all night and interfere with personal time and professional time. A good property manager will protect your time and keep you from those interruptions. 

Property Maintenance

Maintenance duties are also part of the services a property manager provides. This entails preventative maintenance on the property to keep it in excellent condition. Your property manager will coordinate repairs and manage the scheduling of vendors with your tenants. A property manager is the central point of contact between you, the tenant, all the vendors and contractors you work with so you don’t have to get involved in that process. This leaves you with the time you need to devote to your family, your work, or your other pursuits. You can take care of family or work all day. We take care of all these details for you. 

A good property manager will keep your expenses low and your profits high. That’s why you have a rental property. If you have any questions about Charlotte property management or how to find the best management company for you, please don’t hesitate to contact us at TouchPoint Property Management.