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Should I Allow Pets in My Charlotte Rental Property? – Management Advice

Deciding whether to allow pets into your Charlotte rental property is an important question. Allowing pets can be a pro as well as a con. There are a few things to consider when deciding whether tenants with pets will be permitted.

Cons to Allowing Pets

The main con to allowing pets is that there will potential damage to the interior or exterior of the property. You also increase the possibility of your own liability if there’s a pet related problem with neighbors around your property.

Pros to Allowing Pets

At the same time, consider the pros. Because so many people have pets, allowing them will help you broaden your pool of tenants. There will be a lot more interest in your property, so you will be likely to rent it faster, and for a better price. You also reduce your tenant turnover. Pet owners have fewer rental options, and they will want to stay in the property.

Preventing Pet Related Problems

If you know there are advantages to accepting tenants with pets but you’re still worried, there are things you can do to prevent problems with animals. For example, you can choose the type of pet you have in your property. You can limit the number and the size of pets. Perhaps you will decide to only allow animals that are 20 pounds or smaller. You also want to avoid dangerous and aggressive dog breeds when you’re putting together the pet policy that will govern your rental property in Charlotte.

You can verify that the pet is licensed and regularly vaccinated. You can also get a pet reference from the previous landlord to make sure it’s well behaved and doesn’t cause damage. Always collect a nonrefundable security deposit to cover any damage. Or, you charge a higher rent for tenants who have pets. It’s typical to charge a pet deposit of $250 to $300 per pet. You’ll want to collect it before the tenants move in.

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