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How to Handle Maintenance Issues in Your Charlotte Rental Property

One of the best reasons to hire a professional property manager for your Charlotte rental property is so that you have someone who can handle the rental property maintenance. There are three ways that your property manager might handle maintenance.

In-House Maintenance Teams

First, your property manager may have an in-house repair company. This is good because you know you’ll always have someone available to fix any problems at the home. However, it’s not always cost effective if the property manager isn’t shopping around for the best rates for you.

Multiple Maintenance Vendors

The second way your property manager may handle maintenance is by having a list of vendors that can be called when a repair is needed. They will have multiple contractors in a database who they can rely upon to handle maintenance issues. This is a good system because you can often get the best price and service.

Landlord Vendors

The third possibility is that the landlord will ask the property manager to use their own selected and trusted maintenance vendors. This isn’t a problem, and the property manager will call the preferred vendor if there’s a necessary repair. The property manager will be the central point of communication and make sure everything is done right.

Practice Preventative Maintenance

The most important part of maintaining your Charlotte rental property is preventative maintenance. Whatever way your property manager chooses to handle maintenance, you want to make sure preventative maintenance is a priority. This ensures that small problems don’t become big problems. Preventative maintenance is practiced through regular inspections and talking with the tenant. We want to make sure there aren’t any small problems they haven’t told us about. If there are any maintenance requirements, we make sure we get you the best professional to take care of the problem so we can keep your expenses low and your income high, always keeping your property profitable.

If you have any questions about maintenance or anything pertaining to rental property in Charlotte, please don’t hesitate to contact us at TouchPoint Property Management.